The coordinator IAL Marche is a social enterprise providing VET services at regional level, as member of the national IAL network in Italy it has been designed to foster WBL approaches and activities on behalf of the whole IAL network.

Lycée C. et A. Dupuy- Greta du Velay is a VET regional network gathering 12 VET public schools in the South of the Auvergne Region in France. It delivers around 300.000 training hours per year to 2000-2500 learners and it is member of the GRETA “Groupement d’établissements publics d’enseignementis” national network founded in 1975.

Šolski center Nova Gorica (ŠC NG) is one of the biggest vocational educational and training centres in Slovenia, counting more than 3000 learners. ŠC NG is listed as one of the Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) that are developing into an important component of EU VET policy.

IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH is the subsidiary company and VET provider of the Chamber of Commerce of Frankfurt on Oder and it is in charge of promoting and implementing the dual VET system in Germany by leading VET-Business networks.

ReadLab is a research institution that aims to generate positive social and sustainable impact through innovation. It brings together a multidisciplinary team of specialized researchers in the fields of Health, engineering, communication technologies, education and social and political sciences with a long experience in project management and implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects.

WELCOME Aps is a youth organisation and VET provider in Italy focusing on the young human capital skills development through VET mobility experiences.


Olympic Training and Consulting, VET Provider, Pyrgos, Greece

CISL Nazionale, Social partner – Trade Union, Roma, Italy

Confartigianato, Social Partner – Employer association, Roma, Italy

Camera di Commercio delle Marche, Social partner – Chamber of Commerce, Ancona, Italy

Associazione degli Industriali di Ancona, Social Partner – Employer association, Ancona, Italy

Associazione degli Industriali di Macerata, Social Partner – Employer association, Macerata, Italy

ΑΚΜΗ S.A, VET Provider, Athens, Greece