What is the NEW VET project?

NEW VET “Network fostering the European Work-based learning system for VET providers” general aim is to support the establishment of a European cooperation scheme for a pilot group of VET Providers coming from Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia and Greece and seeking at a more efficient development and effective implementation of Work Based Learning systems at their national levels. Thus, project’s aim is to encourage the creation of transnational and national VET providers’ networks and partnerships to build cross-border cooperation for VET quality and attractiveness.

Due to the variety of systems, socioeconomic contexts and starting points in the education and training sector, Member States are at different levels of development in VET. However, Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia and Greece share the same need to support the empowerment of their VET providers’ actors in drawing and implementing high quality Work Based Learning schemes.

NEW VET establishes an EU cooperation scheme for VET providers and a multi-stakeholder partnership, comprising of 6 partners in 5 EU Member-States, and develops all its outputs in 5 EU languages, thus guaranteeing wide impact throughout the EU and beyond.

NEW VET is co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ ΚΑ3 Support for Policy Reform programme.